Valérie Julien-artiste peintre contemporain spécialisé dans l'art abstrait
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Valérie Julien Barthes, a contemporary painter whose work is devoted to abstract and figurative art, was born on 3 May 1961 in Africa.

She makes frequent stays in Ariège where the parietal art inspires her.

She discovers primitive art; She also inscribes symbols or graphic signs on her canvases as well as on the walls of the rock cavities.

Passionate about writing she has produced unpublished essays.

After studying law at the University of Paris, her artistic sensitivity led her to a school of art where the learning of drawing and initiation to the applied arts made her go through essential steps before the " Installation of his artist's workshop. Numerous expeditions in Africa, the attendance of international museums allowed him to apprehend various currents of painting and to refine his gaze. An opening necessary to assimilate different artistic expressions.

She interprets and realizes her abstract paintings from a music and is instinctively guided by the ambient sounds. It mainly uses large format wood or isorel supports, either with an oil painting or mixed.